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Welcome to Sabo. "Sabo" (茶房) means a tea room in Japanese. It is a section for any Wiktionary related topics in any languages. Sabo on Wiktionary is equivalent to Chatsubo on Japanese Wikipedia, the multilingual Village Pump. You are also welcome to Wiktionary:編集室, Japanese Wiktionary Beer Parlour. Feel free to leave your comments, questions or friendly encouragement for Japanese wiktionarians. ;-) Enjoy.


Wikidata for Wiktionary: let’s get ready for lexicographical data![編集]

Hello all,

Sorry for writing this message in English, please feel free to translate it in your own language below.

The Wikidata development team will start working on integrating lexicographical data in the knowledge base soon and we want to make sure we do this together with you.

Wikidata is a constantly evolving project and after four years of existence, we start with implementing support for Wiktionary editors and content, by allowing you to store and improve lexicographical data, in addition to the concepts already maintained by thousands of editors on Wikidata.

We have been working on this idea for almost three years and improving it with a lot of inputs from community members to understand Wiktionary processes.

Starting this project, we hope that the editors will be able to collaborate across Wiktionaries more easily. We expect to increase the number of editors and visibility of languages, and we want to provide the groundwork for new tools for editors.

Our development plan contains several phases in order to build the structure to include lexicographical data:

  • creating automatic interwiki links on Wiktionary,
  • creating new entity types for lexemes, senses, and forms on Wikidata,
  • providing data access to Wikidata from Wiktionary
  • improving the display of lexicographical information on Wikidata.

During the next months, we will do our best to provide you the technical structure to store lexicographical data on Wikidata and use it on Wiktionary. Don’t hesitate to discuss this within your local community, and give us feedback about your needs and the particularities of your languages.

Information about supporting lexicographical entities on Wikidata is available on this page. You can find an overview of the project, the detail of the development plan, answers to frequently asked questions, and a list of people ready to help us. If you want to have general discussions and questions about the project, please use the general talk page, as we won’t be able to follow all the talk pages on Wiktionaries. If you don’t feel comfortable with English, you can write in your own language and hopefully someone will volunteer to translate.

Bests regards, Lea Lacroix (WMDE) (talk)

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Invitation to Blocking tools consultation[編集]

Hello all,

The Wikimedia Foundation's Anti-Harassment Tools team invites all Wikimedians to discuss new blocking tools and improvements to existing blocking tools in December 2017 for development work in early 2018.

How can you help?

  1. Share your ideas on the discussion page or send an email to the Anti-Harassment Tools team.
  2. Spread the word that the consultation is happening; this is an important discussion for making decisions about improving the blocking tools.
  3. Help with translation.
  4. If you know of previous discussions about blocking tools that happened on your wiki, share the links.

We are looking forward to learning your ideas.

For the Anti-Harassment Tools team SPoore (WMF), Community Advocate, Community health initiative (talk) 2017年12月7日 (木) 23:23 (UTC)

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