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close +‎ 接尾辞 "-ly"


  • IPA(?): /ˈkləʊsliː/
  • (ファイル)


closely (比較級 more closely, 最上級 most closely)

  1. 密接に。
  2. 厳密に。綿密に。しっかりと。詳細に。
    • 1921年, G. H. Hardy, "A Course of Pure Mathematics"[1]
      Let us consider more closely the equation x2 = 2.
      x2 = 2 という方程式をもっと綿密に考えてみよう。
  3. 類似の程度が)とてもかなり
    • 1922年, Fred H. Colvin and A. Juthe, "The Working of Steel"[2]
      Compression tests are seldom made, since the action of metal in compression and in tension is closely allied, and the designer is usually satisfied with the latter.
  4. (距離が)密接に。近くで。ぴったりと。ぎっしりと。びっしりと。
    • 1948年, Ruth Stiles Gannett. "My Father's Dragon"[3]
      Sometimes the trees were clumped so closely together that he couldn't squeeze between them and had to walk a long way around.
    • 2020年. Bryan Lynn. "New Spacecraft Seeks to Capture First Pictures of the Sun’s Poles"[4]
      A new space mission is seeking to study the sun more closely than ever before.


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