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IPA: /traɪ/



try (三単現: tries, 現在分詞: trying, 過去形: tried, 過去分詞: tried )

  1. (他動詞) ~しようとする。こころみる。つとめる。努力する。がんばる
    • 1911年, Frances Hodgson Burnett, "The Secret Garden"[1]
      Mary stood up and tried to keep her eyes open while Mrs. Medlock collected her parcels.
    • 1948年, Ruth Stiles Gannett, "My Father's Dragon"[2]
      Many people have tried to explore Wild Island, but not one has come back alive.
  2. ためしてみる。試食する。試着する。


  1. 主に口語的な用法として、不定詞付きの用法 try to ...〔...を試みる〕と同じ意味で、try and ... という形で用いることがある。
    • 1879年, Henrik Ibsen, "A Doll's House"[3]
      You know Torvald left his office when we were married? There was no prospect of promotion there, and he had to try and earn more than before.
      私たちが結婚したとき、トールヴァルが職場を去ったのは知っているでしょう? そこで出世の見通しはなかったし、彼は以前にも増して稼ぐよう努めなければならなかったの。
    • 1878年, John Strange Winter, "A Christmas Fairy"[4]
      "I can't help being disappointed, Miss Ware," said Bertie, his eyes filling afresh and his lips quivering.
      "No, dear boy; you would be anything but a nice boy if you were not. But I want you to try and think of your poor Mother, who is full of trouble and anxiety, [...]"









try (複数 tries)

  1. 努力。
  2. 試み。
    • give it a try
  3. (ラグビー)トライ

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