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  • IPA: /ɹiːtʃ/
  • (ファイル)


reach (三単現: reaches, 現在分詞: reaching, 過去形: reached, 過去分詞: reached )

  1. (他動詞) (人が)(場所に)到着する。
    • 1906年, E. Nesbit, "The Railway Children"[1]
      They reached the station and spent a joyous two hours with the Porter.
    • 1948年, Ruth Stiles Gannett. "My Father's Dragon"[2]
      For seven hours my father climbed and slipped and leapt from rock to rock, but while it was still dark he finally reached the very last rock and stepped off onto Wild Island.
  2. (他動詞) (高い数値や上位の段階に)する。
    • 1922年, Fred H. Colvin and A. Juthe, "The Working of Steel"[3]
      Furthermore, if the load had not yet reached the yield point, and were released at any time, the piece would return to its original length.
    • 2019年, Bryan Lynn, "South Korea Proposes Rain Project with China to Cut Pollution"[4]
      South Korea has reached a new high in a kind of air pollution measured in fine dust.
  3. (他動詞) (結論や合意に)する。
    • 1921年, G. H. Hardy, "A Course of Pure Mathematics"[5]
      The same conclusion might have been reached without the use of geometrical language.
  4. とどく。
  5. (自動詞) (掴もうとして)ばす。
    • 1906年, E. Nesbit, "The Railway Children"[6]
      “Found him! Was he lost, then?” asked the Doctor, reaching for his coat.
      「彼を発見しただと! では彼は迷子だったのか?」コートに手を伸ばしながらドクターが訊ねた。



reach (複数 reaches)

  1. (届く)範囲
  2. (空間)ひろがり。



  1. 蜘蛛くも


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