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rún および rùn も参照。




  1. ルンディ語ISO 639-2言語コード





run (三単現: runs, 現在分詞: running, 過去形: ran, 過去分詞: run )

  1. はしる。cf.walk.
    • Run, Sarah, run!
  2. すばやく動く。
    • The horse ran the length of the track.
    • I have been running all over the building looking for him.
    • Sorry, I've got to run; my house is on fire.
  3. すぐに広がる。
    • There's a strange story running around the neighborhood.
    • The flu is running through my daughter's kindergarten.
  4. ~をすばやく動かす。
    • Every day I run my dog across the field and back.
    • I'll just run the vacuum cleaner over the carpet.
    • Run your fingers through my hair.
  5. げる
    • Whenever things get tough, she cuts and runs.
    • When he's broke, he runs to me for money.
  6. (水など)ながれる
    • The river runs through the forest.
    • There's blood running down your leg.
  7. 鼻水らす
    • Your nose is running.
  8. 流れ出す。
    • Why is the hose still running?
    • My cup runneth over.
  9. ~を流れ出させる。
    • You'll have to run the water a while before it gets hot.
    • Run the tap until the water gets hot.
  10. (物事等)つづ
    • The sale will run for ten days.
    • The contract runs through 2008.
    • The meeting ran late.
    • The book runs 655 pages.
    • The speech runs as follows:...
  11. (連続したものが)つづく、(植物)びる
  12. ~を続かせる
    • I need to run this wire along the wall.
  13. 作動する、動作する。
    • My car stopped running.
    • That computer runs twenty-four hours a day.
    • Buses don't run here on Sunday.
  14. ~を操作する。
    • It's full. You can run the dishwasher now.
    • Don't run the engine so fast.
  15. (計画などを)実施する、実行する。
    • They ran twenty blood tests on me and they still don't know what's wrong.
    • Our coach had us running plays for the whole practice.
    • I will run the sample.
    • Don't run that software unless you have permission.
    • My computer is too old to run the new OS.
  16. ~を経営する、~を統制する。
    • My uncle ran a corner store for forty years.
    • She runs the fundraising.
    • My parents think they run my life.
  17. 競争する。出走する。
    • The horse will run the Preakness next year.
    • I'm not ready to run a marathon.
  18. 立候補する
    • I have decided to run for governor of California.
    • We're trying to find somebody to run against him next year.
  19. ~を出走させる、~を(選挙に)立候補させる。
    • He ran his best horse in the Derby.
    • The Green Party is running twenty candidates in this election.
  20. (報道などが)流れる
    • The story will run on the 6-o'clock news.
    • The latest Robin Williams movie is running at the Silver City theatre.
    • Her picture ran on the front page of the newspaper.
  21. ~を掲載する、報道する。
    • run a story
    • run an ad
  22. (ストッキングが)伝線する。
    • My stocking is running.





run (複数 runs) 可算 および 不可算

  1. 走る動作、走り
  2. (走る)ルート
  3. 走行
  4. 連続公演
  5. 大きな需要
  6. 出馬